Lisa V’s Bio

Camelot Photographer - Lisa VLisa V.

Experience?  Lisa V. has it in spades!

Based in Southwest Minneapolis, Lisa Venticinque has been specializing in photojournalism and portrait photography for over a decade.  With a B.A. in Photography (St. Olaf College) and an M.A. in Media & Communication (University of London), Lisa loves to work with a wide variety of people and environments, and she is passionate about capturing the natural beauty she finds in each individual.

Her patience, gentle demeanor, and responsive approach put people at ease and enable them to be fully themselves in front of the camera.  Having someone with this much experience absolutely takes the worries out of your wedding day image concerns.

Lisa’s other loves include Yoga, Music, Travel, Food, and her dog Little Miss Ella Barksgerald.  Arf!

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